Southeast Missouri Politicians Major Factors in Jefferson City

Southeast Missouri Politicians Major Factors in Jefferson City
By: Ryan Tate

JEFFERSON CITY, MO --Rod Jetton gets a lot of attention in his new job. Jetton is the Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives, which means all of the new legislation passes through him.
But he is not the only one from Southeast Missouri with new responsibilities this legislative session. Cape Girardeau's Peter Kinder is the Lieutenant Governor. Cape's Nathan Cooper is the Majority Whip of the House of Representatives, and Cape's Jason Crowell is the only Freshman Senator to chair a committee.
Most of Jetton's day revolves around talking to other representatives, lobbyists, and members of the government, including the Governor.
"I meet with Governor Matt Blunt at least once a week. We talk about how things are going in the House, what's the agenda of the party, and what we can expect this week from the House," Jetton said.
Jetton calls Crowell his best friend. Both share an apartment in Jefferson City, and they talk to each other about the legislature when they can.
"It's nice to be in politics to have friends. Usually you hear how everyone is only out for themselves but Jason and I are best friends," Jetton says.
"We talk a lot about strategic bills," Crowell said. "But most of the time we don't get home on the same day we woke up so when we get home we just crash."
"Now that [Crowell] is in the Senate, we've been able to work things out, to avert problems between the House and Senate," Jetton said.