Volunteers don't let rain ruin Ste. Genevieve fair

Volunteers don't let rain ruin Ste. Genevieve fair

STE. GENEVIEVE, MO (KFVS) - Ste. Genevieve is no stranger to rain. In fact, it put a halt to festivities years ago.

This time however, thanks to volunteers, the rain only caused a hiccup.

Wednesday and Thursday, storms brought a lot of rain to the Ste. Genevieve Fairgrounds.

So much rain, some spots were as much as a foot deep of mud.

That's when volunteers dried off their shoes and went to work.

Ste. Genevieve fairgrounds board president Mike Friedman said the community pulls together in times of need. And they did just that here.

"It was so thick, four wheelers couldn't even go through some of this mud," says Friedman.

So they hauled in rock to lay on the ground. A lot of it.

"It's looking better now than in past years," says Friedman.

The festivities went on and brought a lot of people.

Ste. Genevieve brings in a lot of revenue to the city with this event.

Not only do people come in and eat at restaurants and stay in hotels, but in the downtown district, a lot of shops and historic buildings were open as well.

Sandra Cabot, Director of Tourism says when the city has an event like this, it always helps get the word out for what they have to offer downtown.

Plenty of historic homes were available for touring, as well as open shops.

The streets were not lacking people downtown as well as the fairgrounds on Saturday.

The fair board gets 10 percent of sales from food vendors at the fair.

Last year, one vendor ended up selling around 6,000 pork burgers alone. At three dollars a piece, that's $18,000. The city will get $1,800 from that vendor; and that is just pork burgers alone.

We talked with several kids at the fair that say they try to do their part in helping out the city also.

They said they bought several food items and other items there to help invest in the city and growing operations.

Friedman says they had over 75 volunteers to make this event happen.

After all the rain and extra work, he says to see the smiles on the people there was worth every bit of it.

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