People with disabilities dance away their worries

People with disabilities dance away their worries

For many, dancing is a way to let go of your worries and enjoy the moment.

In Perryville, eight people with disabilities did just that on Saturday.

At Perryville United Methodist Church, residents from the city and the surrounding area joined together to just dance.

This is a special enrichment workshop for people with disabilities designed to explore the world of dance and interpretive movement in a way that is just designed for them.

The workshop was led by Sabbatino Verlazza from New York, who has extensive experience as a professional dancer and works with many others with developmental, physical and sensory disabilities.

Heartland News got a preview of some of the dancers at the church as they participated in group and individual dancing.

Twirling, spinning and being hoisted up in the air, no matter what type of dance they were involved with, the ultimate goal was to enjoy their time and smile - which they did.

Verlazza says this is a great opportunity for these people to be in an environment where they feel more comfortable and to feel included with everyone else in society.

Verlazza says with any disabilities you may have certain areas that are in need of working out, such as, your physical development if limited in those areas.

Not only is it good to let go and have a good time but dance helps out with many areas like exercising and focus to name a few.

Brianna Brickey is a high school student in the area.

She has a low level of cerebral palsy and family members with disabilities as well.

Brickey was dancing with the group on Saturday and helping others with their dancing as well.

Brickey hopes this is the start of more dance workshops in the area but more importantly hopes this will help bridge the gap between people with disabilities and being comforted by others being out in the world.

The group is coming together again on Sunday at the Perryville United Methodist Church where they plan on giving a dance performance at the service at 10:30 a.m.

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