Campground seeing decline in business due to flooding

Campground seeing decline in business due to flooding

VAN BUREN, MO (KFVS) - This summer the Heartland has had a lot rainy weather.

Many businesses in the area who rely on hot summers are seeing a huge decline in visitors, including the Van Buren Campground in Carter County.

"Our business has been suffering. It's been hurt by the flooding and the rain."

Kelly Duhon handles the reservations at Van Buren Campground. She'e spent this day canceling and rescheduling, because the current river is so high right now.

"A lot of people are concerned about making reservations because of the unpredictability of the river," she said.

Many regulars still decided to make the trip. Annette Haycraft said she is disappointed that they cant do all the things they love.

"We come every year, we normally have a big group of anywhere from 25 to 35 people," she said. "We normally pick a good weekend, this is the first weekend coming that we probably won't get the chance to float and may not get the chance to finish camping."

While others are making the best of their time out here.

"We've been out here since last night, we got here about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon and we been out here ever since," another visitor said.

As to how long they plan on being out there: "Well, until they run us off pretty much."

Back at the front office, Duhon said there should still be plenty of summer left for folks to enjoy.

"We look forward to actually having the rain stop and maybe the rest of the season we have a lot of more people that want to come out and make reservations," she said.

The campground has went ahead and closed for this weekend for safety reasons.

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