Heartland couple puts a SPIN on helping people in need

Heartland couple puts a SPIN on helping people in need

You could call them the superheroes of Murphysboro, Illinois.

One couple is helping people in need get back on their feet in more ways than one.

Cherie and Gary Green wanted to help those in need by offering items at little to no cost for families who have lost everything in natural disasters.

"People are in need and you move into a place or you have a fire, everyone can have a fire whether you're rich or you're poor –you can have a fire," Cherie Green said. "The minute you have that fire, you're on equal level with everybody else. You're not any better or any worse and you need help."

The thrift store called SPIN, Supporting People in Need, is just one part of helping people get back on their feet.

"We have the soup kitchen, we have the disaster relief program, where people can get help, if they've had a fire or a flood and so forth." Cherie Green said. "We have clothing for children three times a year. During the summer we have the free lunch program, then activities afterwards for the kids."

All volunteer based, Cherie Green says it's something that she's supposed to do.

"I feel it's a calling. God has called my husband and I to do this and as long as we're physically capable of doing this, we will," she said.

The Greens are looking to open a homeless shelter in Murphysboro in the near future.

For more information about SPIN, click here.

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