Cape Girardeau sirens sound late during storm

Cape Girardeau sirens sound late during storm

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Tornado sirens are something that primarily everyone listens for when there's severe weather. But many Heartland viewers are wondering where was that sound during the storms on Tuesday night?

Mark Hasheider, assistant fire chief and emergency management director for Cape Girardeau city, said the department was monitoring the storm but they didn't get their notification from the Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement to sound the alarm soon enough.

"We did have a delay, one of the media that we rely on didn't come through in a timely manner," Hasheider said.

The chief said it took about 6 minutes to sound the sirens. He said the department was monitoring the storm but has to go by the proper procedures.

However, there was a 3 minute delay to sound the alarm for the Cape Girardeau County area.

Cape Girardeau County E.M.D., Richard Knaup, said they have a strict protocol but their department follows notifications from a different source.

"We follow the lead of the national weather service and we got the warning and it went out. It was a fast moving storm also," Knaup said.

Hasheider said his department apologizes for the delay and has put in place ways to limit this from happening again.

"Since last night, we have discussed that and we will be implementing policy changes so that it's just one of a number of Medias that we can get that information," Hasheider said.

The chief also said he knows the sirens play a huge part in being proactive for the storm, but he encourages everyone to seek other media during severe weather as well.

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