MO cities left with major cleanup following EF1 tornado

MO cities left with major cleanup following EF1 tornado
Scott County, Missouri was in the direct path of Wednesday night’s EF1 tornado.
The National Weather Service reports wind speeds topped more than 95 miles per hour, leaving behind a trail of damage.

A 8,000 pound camper was no match against the 95 mile per hour winds, which pushed it over like a cardboard box. Plenty of homes along Highway N were damaged.

The Schlosser’s camper was thrown from the driveway and split it two.
The family’s barn was leveled and equipment inside was thrown into the field, 50 to 100 yards away.
The family said they feel lucky that they weren’t home on Wednesday night because winds blew out most of their windows and doors.
“We could have both got cut up pretty bad from the flying debris and glass inside the house. We were out of town and I think the good lord was looking after us," said Richard Schlosser.
“Thank god. You know, you can replace this stuff and our kids are fine and that is all that matters," said Karen Schlosser.
Other folks living along Highway N talked about how their houses were shaking and all they could hear was the wind, even though just outside their doors campers were being tossed and trees split in two.
Jim Packett with the NWS said the evidence he saw had all of the makings of a tornado.
Packet said there was a clear path the tornado left behind from the corn fields that stretched all the way down from Kelso, Mo. to Thebes, Ill.
“We’ve seen campers rolled over, one was picked off and lifted and droped on its top. I think this is the third camper we have seen here that’s been basically destroyed and the damage to the poll bar is quite extensive as well. But based on what we have seen so far it should be in the 90 to 95 MPH range, which is an EF1," said Packett
There have been no reports of anyone being injured.

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