Carbondale man sentenced for home invasion, attempted robbery

Carbondale man sentenced for home invasion, attempted robbery

JACKSON COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The Jackson County State's Attorney announced today that a Carbondale resident, Christian McLendon, was sentenced to prison for home invasion and attempted robbery.

The attempted robbery sentence is the result of a jury trial that was held on May 7, 2015.

In that case, the defendant was sentenced to 42 months in the Illinois Department of Corrections with 1 year of mandatory supervised release.

The home invasion sentence is the result of a jury trial that was held on May 18, 2015.

In that case, the defendant was sentenced to 20 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections with 3 years of mandatory supervised release.

The sentence in the home invasion case will run consecutively to the sentence in the attempted robbery case.

The attempted robbery offense occurred on September 21, 2014, when the Carbondale Police Department responded to Primo's Pizza in Carbondale, Illinois, to a fight in progress.

When officers arrived, they located an individual in the parking lot of Primo's with cuts and scrapes consistent with having just been in a fight.

The individual informed the officers that he was attempting to purchase cannabis from another individual when he was attacked.

The victim said he was struck in his face and pulled face first into the gravel.

The suspect continued to beat him until the victim located a butter knife, which had fallen out of the victim's backpack, and the victim stabbed the suspect with it.

This caused the suspect to retreat and leave the scene.

The victim was missing $45.

The suspect was soon after located in the emergency room of the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.

The suspect matched the description given and had stab wounds to the face and hand.

Officers arrived and identified the defendant, Christian McLendon, as the suspect.

Originally, the defendant claimed he was attacked by the victim with a knife and retreated for his own safety.

Officers then located on the defendant's phone text messages showing the defendant's intent to rob the victim.

When asked about the texts, the defendant admitted to attempting to rob the victim, but denied robbing him of any money.

The defendant was released from the hospital and taken into police custody.

The Home Invasion offense occurred on January 25, 2015, when Carbondale Police Officers responded to a home invasion that occurred at 1001 W. Walnut Street.

When officers arrived, they located two individuals standing outside the residence.

The two individuals, the occupants of the apartment, informed the officers that Christian McLendon had just kicked in their front door holding both a knife and a gun.

The defendant had previously been at the apartment with his girlfriend, but was told to leave the apartment.

The defendant then refused to leave and had to be forced out of the apartment along with his girlfriend.

The two individuals shut the door behind him and went back into their bedroom.

Approximately ten minutes later, they heard a loud noise.

The two individuals then observed the defendant coming through the front door with a long knife, which they also described as a sword, and a handgun.

The defendant then pushed open the bedroom door where the two residents were and began threatening to kill them.

The defendant lunged at the two individuals with the knife and also pointed the gun at them.

The defendant then retreated back into the main part of the residence and eventually left without causing any physical harm to the individuals.

The defendant left the front door damaged and also created a hole in the wall of one of the apartment doors.

A short time later, the defendant was located at his apartment at 1200 E. Grand Avenue.

A large knife was located in the apartment, but no gun was found on the scene.

The defendant was later questioned and admitted to kicking in the front door and possessing a knife.

The defendant denied having a firearm and threatening the two individuals in the apartment.

He claimed that he only wanted to retrieve his cellphone from the apartment.

Prior to the Attempted Robbery jury trial, the defendant informed the Court that he was a sovereign nation and that he refused to be a part of the proceedings.

The defendant refused to attend both trials and was tried in his absence.

The defendant did however attend the sentencing hearing for both cases.

The defendant will remain in the custody of the Jackson County Sheriff until being transported to the Department of Corrections.

These investigations were conducted by the Carbondale Police Department.

Assistant State's Attorney Patrick J. Brewster was responsible for the prosecution of these cases.

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