Man accused of firing gun, bullet barely missing neighbor asleep in home

Bullet misses sleeping woman's head by few feet

NEELYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - A Neelyville man is accused of firing a gun, one bullet going into his neighbor's home and missing her head by a few feet.

Keith Martin was charged with unlawful use of a weapon.

According to the incident report, a deputy responded to a report of shots fired on Saturday evening, July 4.

Martin was allegedly "belligerent" and said there were more than 10 people in his yard.

He said he saw a flash and believe people were trying to burn down his chicken shed.

That when Martin reportedly grabbed a Ruger 30-06 and shot three times.

He shot twice into the ground and once into a neighbor's trailer.

The neighbor said she woke up to a loud boom and when she turned on a light, she saw a gunshot hole in her bedroom window and going out the opposite wall. She then called 911.

Deputies estimate the gunshot missed her head by 2.5 feet.

Butler County Sheriff Mark Dobbs said a gun owner's responsibility doesn't end once a shot is fired.

"The path of that bullet is your responsibility so just to say I'm on my own property, the responsibility doesn't end there," said Sheriff Dobbs. "A lot of people get themselves in trouble by thinking if I'm on my property I can shoot in whatever direction I want, but ultimately it's the path of that bullet that you're responsible for."

Investigators said Martin appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic.

They could find no evidence of people on his property.

He was taken to jail, but has since been released to a facility better fit for his condition.

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