View of flooding from airboat on Mississippi River

View of flooding from airboat on Mississippi River
The Mississippi River is still experience some moderate flooding.

Even though the river levels are falling, there are still many areas in the Cape Girardeau area that are covered with water.

So we took a tour on an airboat with David Bruce and Joe Uzoaru to see what it looks like on the water.
With Bruce driving, we took to the watery streets of Cape Girardeau and made our way out to the river.
Some areas still affected include crops, roads, railways and more. Along the river wall, water is still high and covers the bottom portion of the murals.
Bruce said while it's fun to take a ride on the water, it's bad for the farmers that have their crops covered from the flooding.
Uzoaru said the impact is horrible to see, but feels thankful for the men that worked on the levees since the flood of 1993 to help minimize the flooding in many areas.

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