Man shoots, kills bobcat after it kills 4 kittens

Man shoots, kills bobcat after it kills 4 kittens

MARBLE HILL, MO (KFVS) - It was a rare encounter, but a Marble Hill man said he had no choice but to shoot and kill a bobcat that wandered on to his property.

While he claims he is not a hunter, Larry Wiseheart said he would have done anything to protect himself and his pets.

Wiseheart says it's not unusual for wild animals to hang around his property.

But one encounter caught him off guard.

"There was this bobcat just lying next to a couple of dead kittens," he said.

Wiseheart came home to find a 30 pound bobcat inside his outdoor cat pen, where six newborn kittens slept.

After attempting to shoo the animal away, Wiseheart knew there was only one other option.

"I walked around inside, I tried to scare it with the Maglite. I put it in its face and it didn't seem to affect it. And then it growled at me so I shot it," he said.

But not before the furry trespasser killed four of Wiseheart's kittens – while the mama cat lay nursing three other kittens.

"I had a lot of people ask me, 'are you going to mount it?' I didn't like it looking at me here, let alone on my wall for the next 20 years," said Wiseheart.

Not even three weeks old, Wiseheart says the three kittens to survive the ordeal have already experienced a lot.

"A bit of a traumatic experience there."

This isn't the first time a wild animal has sniffed around Wiseheart's property.

A bear has been spotted before.

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