Does It Work: Bullseye No Mess Pee Pads

Does It Work: Bullseye No Mess Pee Pads
Puppies are cute and cuddly, but they also tend to leave messes around the house. This week’s product aims to contain puppy potty time to an absorbent, odor-locking pad.

Bullseye Pee Pads claim to contain concentrated pheromones that attract your dog right to the center of the pad; but does it work? ?

To test this one, we turned to Diane Daugherty of St. Francis C.A.R.E. in Murphysboro. When puppies lose their mother, Diane steps in to nurture them until they can grow strong enough to live with their forever family.
"I'm the designated bottle feeder,” Daugherty said. “When we get a liter or an individual dog or cat that something’s happened to their mother, then I am the bottle feeder which is every two hours initially."
In order to make bottle feeding every two hours easier, Daugherty brings puppies to her house where she knows they’ll be prone to “accidents.” While she’s ready for them, she also knows those accidents can be a lot for new pet parents to handle.
"If you come home to a big puddle in the middle of the floor, that's when puppies become too much work,” Daugherty said.
Daugherty hopes the As Seen on TV Bullseye Pee Pads will help puppy Martha find the right place to potty.
A television advertisement for Bullseye pee pads say the pads have concentrated pheromones that attract your dog right to the center of the pad every time guaranteed and lock in odors.
Daugherty opened the package of pee pads and put one down on the floor. Almost immediately Martha zoned in on the pad, and did her business.
“That’s amazing,” Daugherty said. “Within in a minute of putting a potty pad down, and for her to go, even though she missed the bull’s-eye, that's amazing.”
We wanted to see if it was a one-shot deal, or if Martha could duplicate her first success. We left a GoPro camera and the package of 30 pee pads with Daugherty and Martha.
Two days later we returned to see if the product hits a bull’s-eye or a bust.
“She did not have any accidents at all,” said Daugherty. "She didn't exactly hit the bull’s-eye. But was only off the pad one time, and that was the time that I actually filmed her. It didn’t smell, and I left the first pee pad down for 24 hours and no smell at all. She probably used it four times."
As we were wrapping up, nature called and Martha once again demonstrated that, while her aim was a little off, she as aiming for the center Bull’s-eye. Daugherty said she is impressed.
"I've cleaned up my share of puppy poop and puppy pee and just to be able to wad that up without the smell...five stars."
Daugherty gives Bullseye Pee Pads a perfect 5-star score on this Does It Work test.

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