Marion to install roundabout at busy intersection

New roundabout coming to Marion, IL

MARION, IL (KFVS) - A busy Marion, Illinois intersection will soon close to begin a month long construction project on a roundabout.

The intersection at Russel and Boulevard streets receives anywhere from 4,000 to 7,000 drivers a day, according to project engineer Brian Zeigler.

Ziegler said studies show roundabouts are safer and keep traffic moving mover effectively than four way stops or stop lights.

"The roundabout has and there's been a lot of studies and they've shown they've been more effective," Ziegler said.

The project is estimated at $280,000 and is expected to take from July 13 to August 11 and is being paid for through the city's home rule 1 percent gas tax.

"Each leg's got six to seven thousand cars a day. You know, it should work nicely."

Still, some residents and drivers in the area are concerned the changes won't help traffic flow better.

"I'm not very happy about it because I don't have enough information," Earlene Penchood said, who lives at a nearby apartment.

"I think the roundabout will make more traffic," Penchood "I personally think it'll make more accidents."

Another resident that lives nearby, Jack Wood, said he agrees with the city's plan.

"Something has to be done," Wood said. "If they're going to do one or the other I would prefer they put in a roundabout."

Kishon Houston said she drives through the intersection every day.

"I can't imagine how many accidents they're going to have when they first put it out here," Houston said.

Ziegler said he hopes for the project to be completed before students go back to school.