Paducah, KY man experiences 34th flood in 21 years

Flash flooding forces some Paducah residents to evacuate

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - The flooding has caused quite a bit of damage and frustration in parts of the Heartland.

Peter Havel said 34 is the number of times flooding has occurred on his property in the last 21 years he's lived there; and he said the water is becoming more frequent and getting deeper every time.

"I was trying to look up the street and it was underwater," Havel said. "It was the deepest I've seen it and also the longest I've ever seen it."

On Tuesday morning when Havel woke up, more than two feet of water welcomed him at his door.

"We kept hearing something bumping and the water pressure just snapped the door," he said.

Havel and his roommate have had to make changes in certain parts of the house due to past flooding damage.

"Of course we've had to haul the carpet off and we've been living with the walls cut out with bare concrete for a little over two years now," Havel said.

But with the frequency of the flooding and the water levels increasing, Havel said there are still areas that the water gets to, which continues to be a frustration.

"It's unbelievably frustrating," Havel said. "It rains at night and I hop out of bed to look at the radar...every time "

Families of the area say flooding in this part of town continues to be an ongoing issue, and with more rain expected tonight, they're wondering what the next heavy rain will bring.

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