Some Heartland residents tired of hearing fireworks after July 4

Some Heartland residents tired of hearing fireworks after July 4

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Days have passed since Independence Day, but some people are still celebrating by lighting off the last of those fireworks.

The lingering booms are bothering some people, though, and they say enough is enough.

"When you have to get up at 6 o'clock in the morning, get kids ready for camp, get ready for work, you don't want to be up all night," Summer Millsaps said.

Millsaps is a Cape Girardeau resident and said while fireworks don't bother her during the day, after 10 p.m. it's time to put them away.

"People stock up on them and then people shoot them until they're all gone," Millsaps said.

But others to others, like mother of two Ashleigh Pettis, say the lingering sounds of fireworks after the 4th don't bother them.

"Enjoy what the Fourth of July is about and just to be able to have time with your family and have fun with your family," Pettis said.

Her husband served in the Marine Corps for more than seven years. She said while fireworks trigger memories of battle, he doesn't want others around him to stop celebrating.

"He knows around this time of year it's going to happen, so he carries headphones with him and he puts his phone in his pocket and if neighbor kids start shooting them off, he puts his headphones in," Pettis said.

No matter if it bother you or not, it's important to know the ordinances about fireworks in your community during and after the holiday.

"People have infants, dogs, so it is frustrating," Millsaps said.

"Let the rest of everyone, you know, celebrate and have fun for a week or two," Pettis said.

In Cape Girardeau, it's against city ordinance to set off fireworks any time after the Fourth of July until New Year's Eve. An officer said there's no grace period other than each officer's discretion.

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