COPY-6/19/15 - Social Media Golden Rule

By Dave Thomason
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

Boy have times changed! Remember when we used to call each other or even send a handwritten letter? I can't remember the last time I sent someone a letter. That's all been replaced by Facebook, twitter, texting, email, and a litany of other options. What's interesting is how that's changed our society. And, I'd say it's changed for the good in many ways…but not in every way.

Just last weekend my family had a reunion and we had a chance to share lots of family photos on Facebook. I have six brothers and sisters so we had plenty of pictures. It was great to have social media to share that. However, social media has a downside. In too many cases people don't think twice about spewing downright offensive comments, unfortunately with no regard for accountability or human decency.

People seem to hide behind their keyboards and send nastygrams. Unfortunately, there's a lot of arm chair quarterbacking going on online. You know, it's not OK to be rude, critical, and judgmental in person or online. Remember, there are real people on the other end of your comments. People need to be accountable and own up to what they say, or type!

Consider this while you're communicating online. Maybe we should call it "the social media golden rule." If you wouldn't say it with your mother in the room…it shouldn't be typed online.

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