Barge sinking in Mississippi River near Thebes

Barge sinking in Mississippi River near Thebes

THEBES, IL (KFVS) - Those near Thebes, Ill. might see a sinking barge in the Mississippi River near the railway bridge.

The barge sits in the water just south of the bridge.

Lt. Takila Powell with the Marine Safety Unit of the U.S. Coast Guard says a barge hit a pier of the railway bridge near Thebes on the Mississippi River Saturday morning.

A vessel was carrying 25 barges downstream and transitioning under the span of the bridge. The last barge struck the pier and detached.

Twenty-four of the 25 barges were carrying grain including the barge that detached after striking the bridge pier.

Powell says the bridge was inspected and no damage was reported.

A marine surveyor and salvage company is checking out the sinking barge on Monday to see how they will be able to haul it off.

The high river levels were a contributing factor to the barge striking the bridge, according to Takila.

The sinking barge has been marked with a buoy to alert other traffic on the river.

The barge is out of the navigational channel and shouldn't affect any other boats traveling up and down the river.

Takila says the high river levels has made it too dangerous right now to haul away the barge and will have to wait until the river goes down.  

One man who works at the Riverhouse Winery in Scott County says he noticed one of the barges was detached and starting to slowly sink.

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