Retreating floodwaters to leave debris behind

Retreating floodwaters to leave debris behind

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Mississippi River runs rampant with unknown debris from up the river.

Trees are the larger items that are noticeable - but it also picks up many other things like trash, barrels and other wastes.

So when the water goes down in flooded areas such as Cape Girardeau, Commerce, Scott County, Dutchtown, and other areas, it leaves behind some nasty stuff.

The water already has started to recede in Cape Girardeau.

The grass already looks dark and muddy in places where the water stagnated.

Among the debris is what looks like a barrel, railroad ties, tree branches, trash, and other items sitting in the water.

These items probably won't go down stream with most of the water. It will just sit there.

What's more disturbing is what else is in the water that will be left behind.

Heartland News tested this very water in Cape Girardeau along Main Street last week and found high amounts of E. coli and fecal matter.

Even higher amounts were found in Dutchtown floodwaters.

The Mississippi River is just above 42 feet on Sunday, which is still considered major flooding, according to the National Weather Service in Paducah.

The water levels will continue to recede and will hit 37 feet by Friday, which is considered the level when moderate flooding begins according to the National Weather Service.

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