Children get education on water safety, dangers of impairment

Children get education on water safety, dangers of impairment

LAKE WAPPAPELLO, MO (KFVS) - Thousands of people are enjoying the water this weekend at Wappapello Lake.

And safety is the top priority for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Children walked through an obstacle course wearing goggles that allows them to experience what it is like after having a few drinks.

The goggles range from 0.02 to 0.25 in relation to the legal levels of alcohol at 0.08.

The children had a hard time just walking at times and stumbled, fell and got turned around while making their way through the course.

John Daves, ranger with the Corps, says it's important to educate these children on the effects of alcohol.

"Children are a big influence to their parents. If they experience this feeling of being drunk, they will talk to their parents and not only learn from themselves the effects of alcohol but hopefully influence the minds of their parents which in turn could reduce them from drinking heavily also," says Daves.

Being on the water, safety is of utmost importance.

Swimming or boating, the best practice is to be alert and wear a life jacket.

"80 percent of accidents on the lake, people are not wearing life jackets. If you aren't wearing one, you could sink. If you are wearing one, you float. It's as simple as that," explains Daves.

Not only is wearing a life jacket is a good idea, but being sober and driving a boat defensively is best as well.

Daves feels that a person can take all the precautions they can but need to be alert for others that are careless on the waters as well.

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