Man finds a snake at his front door

Man finds a snake at his front door

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau man found a python on his porch when he arrived home on Wednesday night.

Will Bowling says he soon as he saw the snake, luckily police were nearby.

"There was one across the road and I went and told him," Bowling said. "He really didn’t believe me, but he came over here to look. He was about as surprised as I was.”

He says the snake was aggressive but just looked at him.
The police called animal control and the snake was taken to the Southeast Humane Society.
Meghan Smith, an adoption counselor for the humane society, accepted the snake in the facility. She says the facility is not capable of housing that type of animal, so she is keeping the python at her home until the owner comes forward. 

"She was surrendered to us without an owner and in this sort of environment," Smith said. "Since she’s not native to this country, it’s just not the place where she will survive and grow.” 

Smith says she doesn't know if she will keep the snake if the owner doesn't come forward, but the snake is fitting in with the family well.
"She’s very sweet and very docile, she’s easily handled so she’s becoming a very cherished part of our little family," Smith said. "She's not the first snake and not the only snake in our house, but she's something really special."
The Humane Society advise anyone who comes across a snake in their yard to contact the animal control or police.