Cost of having a picnic going up in Missouri

Cost of having a picnic going up in Missouri

MISSOURI (KFVS) - As shoppers plan menus for summer outings, they will find food needed to feed a gathering of 10 people will cost a little more overall this year than last, but significantly less than the national average.

The menu used for comparing prices year-over-year included hamburgers, hot dogs, pork spare ribs, potato salad, baked beans, corn chips, watermelon, lemonade, chocolate milk and appropriate condiments.

The national average price was $55.84 while Missouri prices for the same items totaled $49.89, $5.95 less overall.

Missouri's year-over-year, however, is up $2.06 from $47.83 in 2014.

The recently released Summer Picnic Marketbasket survey from the American Farm Bureau collected information from across the country to determine pricing patterns for selected items.

Price fluctuations impacting the total cost occurred primarily at the meat counter.

Missouri shoppers found ground round averaged $4.19 compared to $4.55.

Last year, shoppers in the Show Me State paid an average of $4.82, netting a savings of 63 cents per pound.

Pork spare ribs rang in at $2.99 per pound compared to $2.80 in 2014 for an increased cost of 19 cents per pound.

Across the country, the average price was $3.36 per pound.

"Supply is a major driver of meat prices," said Diane Olson, Director of Promotion and Education for the Missouri Farm Bureau. "While supply is still somewhat low, production is starting to turn around, and beef prices seem to be flattening.  Pork production is increasing, and this is starting to show in the supermarket."

Of the 14 items surveyed as a part of this meal, six increased in price while eight dropped over the same time last year.

Some of the prices changed just a few cents up or down.

Items such as one-half gallon of chocolate milk dropped only 2 cents, while a 24-ounce bottle of ketchup increased by 2 cents.

The potato salad and baked beans included in the menu are prepared items from the store to allow for price comparisons year-over-year.

Volunteer shoppers from across Missouri and the nation visited their local markets to gather prices for inclusion in the survey to provide diversity in shopping locations and pricing.

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