Carterville, IL mental health facility issues pink slips to some employees

Budget issues cause IL businesses to lay off employees

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - While lawmakers in Illinois are pointing fingers at who's to blame for the state's money dilemma, people in the Heartland are feeling the effects.

Some employees working at a mental health facility, Centerstone, have been given notices that their position may no longer be needed.

"When you feel like people are doing all that they can do, and doing a quality job –and then…it's certainly a slap in the face," CEO for Centerstone of Illinois, John Markley said.

Seventeen pink slips were given out to employees at Centerstone, a mental health facility with various locations throughout the western and southern Illinois regions.

"It's a very difficult time for people in this area," Markley said. "It is personally hard to watch staff that are working so diligently and providing such critical services to go to them and say thanks but your work is not really appreciated or valued by the people that are governing this thing."

Illinois lawmakers are on a brief recess until Wednesday, July 8.

State leaders on both sides are hoping to get back on board and resolve the budget issue as quickly as possible.

"Hopefully the governor will change his decision and want to keep government open and the alternative to that is we go back as quickly as possible," State Rep. John Bradley said. "We could get folks rounded up to support an emergency budget and get an emergency budget passed."

"I'm at the mercy of when Mike Madigan says, we're in session," State Rep. Terri Bryant said. "So someone asked me last week can I get a meeting with you in your office next week and all I could say on Monday and Tuesday was, 'I'm not sure because I'm not sure what day Mike Madigan is going to have us in session.'"

An issue officials at Centerstone hope state lawmakers will get resolved sooner rather than later.

"I'd hope that the people in position to do something  about this would make a meaningful effort and go away from the politics, go away from the special interest groups and try and sit down and decide what's best for the people of Illinois," Markley said.

Markley said he's hoping within the next 30 days, Illinois lawmakers will be able to agree on a budget, with the hopes of those 17 employees being able to keep their jobs.

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