Flood waters leaving bad smell in Dutchtown, MO

Flooding cause of bad smell in Dutchtown, MO

DUTCHTOWN, MO (KFVS) - Some residents in Dutchtown, Missouri are complaining about the smell coming from flood waters.

Some in the area are describing the flood waters as smelling like "sour sewer."

Mark Obermann, a resident of Dutchtown, said the smell from the flood waters go with territory.

"What else can you do? Its just soured, the crops is soured," Obermann said. "It's just apart of the flood. You grew up in a farm, you grew up in the country, there's odors that go with the country. And that's just nature and that's apart of it."

Obermann and other residents in the area are hopeful that the smell will go away when the water recede.

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