IL colleges now smoke free

IL colleges now smoke free

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Illinois public universities and colleges are now smoke free.

The Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act was signed last year by former Governor, Pat Quinn, not allowing smoking on any Illinois public college or university campus.

This includes employees, students and visitors not being able to smoke indoors, outdoors, or on parking lots.

Some students from John A. Logan think the decision is a good one for the future of the school.

"Some people who choose to smoke, they don't don't realize that they are affecting a lot of people as well, you know with second hand smoke," John. A. Logan student, Autumn Hale said. "And it also keeps the campus cleaner and you don't see cigarette buds everywhere."

"A lot of people get bothered by smoke," John A. Logan student, Ted Phee said. "It's not healthy, it kind of makes makes the campus look better when there's no smoking, so I definitely agree with it."

The act states it hopes to reduce the risk of second hand smoke exposure among nonsmokers and ensure a healthy environment for all campus communities.

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