Does It Work: Mr. Melt Sandwich & Snack Maker

Does It Work: Mr. Melt Sandwich & Snack Maker
Jesse Meier of Cape Girardeau County, MO puts Mr. Melt to the test
Jesse Meier of Cape Girardeau County, MO puts Mr. Melt to the test

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Fourth of July weekend is nearly here, and that means many folks will be heading out to campsites across the Heartland.

The Mr. Melt Sandwich and Snack Maker claims to offer variety even around the campfire.

The metal grilling tool claims to make perfect grilled cheese, tuna melts, paninis – even s'mores, all with less mess, but does it work?

We enlisted happy camper Jesse Meier from Cape Girardeau County to put it to the test.

"It would be nice to have a warm sandwich while camping instead of just cold ones," Meier said. "So I'm excited to see if it works."

First up: grilled cheese. Jesse butters two pieces of bread and unwraps two slices of American cheese. She places the buttered sides of the bread toward the metal Mr. Melt grill plates, adds the cheese, closes and locks the Mr. Melt.

Meier holds the sandwich and snack maker over the flames of her campfire and immediately feels the burn.

"It'd be better if the stick was longer so you wouldn't have to be right on top of the fire," said Meier.

Meier said she was a little too close to the fire for comfort and her hand got really hot during the minute per side she cooked her grilled cheese.

When the time was up, she unlocked Mr. Melt and opened the grill plates. The grilled cheese ripped in two, both halves at least partially stuck to Mr. Melt.

We weren't ready to give up on Mr. Melt just yet, so Meier sprayed the grill plates with non-stick cooking spray and buttered two slices of bread for round two.

This time Meier opted to try Mr. Melt over the camper's stove top burner. After one minute and 30 seconds she opens Mr. Melt again and finds a much more toasty and whole grilled cheese. The sandwich still stuck slightly, but was pried out of the grill plates easily enough.

S'mores are Meier's favorite camping food and she really wanted to test Mr. Melt's ability to make the favorite campfire food.

She stacks graham crackers, chocolate and a marshmallow between Mr. Melt's grill plates, shuts and locks it and we're cooking.

After one minute per side, Jesse again opens up the Mr. Melt, but this time isn't happy with the results. The top graham cracker stuck to it and pulled the whole s'more apart making a big mess of Mr. Melt.

"I would say no to s'mores," Meier said. "Do them the old fashioned way."

Mr. Melt did pull off a good grilled cheese, but only with the addition of non-stick cooking spray.

Meier said Mr. Melt is not her camping Mr. Right. She gives the product 3 stars on this Does It Work test.

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