IL Speaker Madigan offers temporary budget fix

IL budget deadline approaching, no deal reached

ILLINOIS (KFVS) - Illinois leaders may not reach a compromise for the next fiscal year budget by the midnight deadline.

The future of Illinois' finances are still up in the air.

But late Tuesday afternoon, Democratic lawmakers proposed an idea some are calling a temporary fix.

That temporary fix would be a month long budget according to House Speaker Mike Madigan because a long term plan is still out of reach.

So, what happens going forward?

"We are going to manage the government without a budget and try to minimize the disruptions to the people of Illinois and we are committed to working hard," said Governor Rauner.

Illinois governor Bruce Rauner is fighting for worker's compensation, a property tax freeze and term limits.

Democrats want to fund vital services with a tax increase along with cuts.

House Speaker Mike Madigan will ask members to vote on a band aid bill that provides $2.2 billion dollars that provides core services for one month.

"It would appropriate a little of $2 billion for essential services and it would constitute about 2 or 3 percent of the total appropriations for a 12-month budget," said Speaker Madigan.

The politicians can't agree on whether state workers will get paid on time and in full after their work after Tuesday.

Madigan said that can't happen without a budget, although the governor said it will.

"We are going to work hard to make sure all state employees are paid their full salary on time and minimize the disruption that the lack of a budget might cause," said Governor Rauner.

However, Schools will be able to open on time.

Governor Rauner approved that part of the budget last week.

State offices will be open on Wednesday.

The temporary Budget will be voted on tomorrow but some speculate Rauner won't sign it and he will continue to wait.

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