Signs provoke talk about First Amendment

Signs provoke talk about First Amendment

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Is political correctness going too far?

After the Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage and recent calls to remove the confederate battle flag from sight, some people are questioning where they can express their opinions.

We all know we have the freedom of speech but are we afraid to use it? Some say they're slow to speak up because they might offend someone or be labeled a bigot or unkind.

A Cape Girardeau priest said these signs promote freedom of religion and encourage Christians to respectfully express their beliefs openly. The signs represent the "Fortnight of Religious Freedom," a time when Catholics remember saints who were martyred for holding true to their faith and principles.

Father David Hulshof said everyone has the right to the First Amendment, even in the face of political and religious differences.

One Jackson man agrees, saying folks should stick to their beliefs no matter what's politically correct thing to do.

"I think the world has gotten to the point of being politically correct that it's hard to even tie your shoes without offending somebody. You can't say what you really believe in your heart without offending somebody and if you do, then people may interpret it the wrong way and then you're considered either a bigot or a liar or you don't know what to be called because people kind of look at you like 'You shouldn't have said that,'" Rick Sinclair said.

Sinclair also said churches and businesses should have the right to refuse to do things that conflict with their religious beliefs.

Father David and Sinclair referenced the recent situation where a baker was fined for not baking a cake that expressed support for gay marriage. Both say that's going too far and infringes on that business owner's rights.

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