Social media seminar educates people on effective posting

Social media seminar educates people on effective posting

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Dozens of people attended the Social Media and Digital Marketing Seminar at the Isle of Capri hosted by the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, June 30.

Many are small business leaders and organization members learning what aspects they should look at before posting online. This digital age is a time where many people see what is going on in their area and in the world online.

Speakers at this event focused on a number of avenues, educating people on what they should consider before posting to get the maximum amount of views and feedback in turn helping their business.

Some of the areas speakers focused on were how to utilize Facebook ads, reasons why blogging benefits businesses, how content drives social media, and much more.

Lauren Keith Heuring, social media coordinator for The Bank of Missouri, said it's important for small businesses to understand how content online can help better their business.

"It's a lot more than just making a post or going to google and typing in a word. There is a strategy and so much going on behind the scenes that if your business can learn just some of it, you're already ahead of the game," said Heuring.

St. Louis Cardinals vice president of communications and keynote speaker, Ron Watermon, spoke about the importance of communication with the fans of the Cardinals.

"It's less about technology, it's always about people. If you keep that as sort of your compass,it can guide you. We use social media to connect with fans in new ways. I like to equate social media as like radio in the early days of baseball. Radio was a way to stay connected to the team when you couldn't be at the game. And it was a way to enrich your experience when you were at the game," said Watermon.

Along with the event, there were company booths to showcase products and services.

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