SIUC president: University is not closing

SIUC president: University is not closing

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Southern Illinois University Carbondale president Randy Dunn sent an email to employees Monday to say despite not having a state budget, SIUC will remain



. Bruce Rauner vetoed a state budget passed by the General Assembly on June 25.

"I want to reassure everyone across all of SIU's locations that even if state government closes its doors at the new fiscal year on July 1 due to the lack of a budget, operations on our campuses will not stop or otherwise be disrupted," Dunn said in the email. "We have identified sufficient cash resources to keep us operating well through the fall semester. Our various payrolls will be made on time and as per normal procedure. More directly said: We're not closing."

Because of the university's income fund that's driven from tuition, grants and contracts, Dunn says all campuses and locations will remain open, well into the fall semester.

However, those who are employed on grants, projects or contracts paid directly by the state may be impacted.

And without knowing what the budget is for the upcoming fiscal year it's also something Dunn says could slow SIU down as they tighten their own spending, impacting Southern Illinois as a whole.

“When we sneeze, the rest of Southern Illinois gets a cold," Dunn said. "And we're going to start seeing that, I fear more and more, as we rein in and as we pull in on the spending that we do to conserve cash – it's gong to be felt directly and economically within the region that we're apart of.”

Dunn says one of the biggest challenges in terms of short term planning is continuing enrollment for certain programs that need more adjunct professors. But due to the uncertainty of funding, there's been a hold on hiring more.

Earlier in June, the governor's staff instructed the chief financial officers of all the state agencies —including the universities — to have plans readied on how we would deal with as much as a 20 percent cut in state support.

Dunn says a 20 percent cut would be "devastating to SIU."

He vowed to continue to advocate for a resolution to the budget impasse.

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