Flood water on train tracks delays shipment supplies

Floodwater on train tracks delays shipment supplies

SCOTT CITY, MO (KFVS) - Rail shipments in the Heartland have seen some delays due to flooding.

Rail tracks in Scott City has prepared themselves for these severe conditions, according to Daniel Overbey, executive director of SEMO Port.

The company built an alternative rail track next to a rail track that would continuously get flooded.

Overbey said that while they were prepared, many in other areas weren't ready.

"Some of the railroads like Union Pacific, because of where their tracks lay, those aren't under water," Overbey said. "The BNSF south of Chaffee is operating like normal, but a lot of folks who need to ship that way, some of them are being delayed."

Ray Green, engineer at SEMO Port, said they are concerned about more possible flooding causing additional delays.

"The port was on top of the first flood before it was going to rise again," Green said. "This second one may not work out this way, we were prepared for the first one, but we wasn't prepared for this second rise."

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