Flooding ruins thousands of acres of crops along Mississippi River in IL and MO

Flooding kills thousands of acres of crops across the Heartland

JACOB, IL (KFVS) - Several weeks of heavy rains across the Heartland has resulted in damaged farm lands near the Mississippi river in Southern Illinois and Missouri.

Kenny Bunselmeyer, a farmer with more than 35-years-experience said it's not the worst flood he's ever encountered, but the 2015 is going to have a serious effect on area farmers.

“Down here farmers are pretty resilient… You know we've dealt with the flood waters before… We're not immune to it by no means but we've dealt with it before and you know people survive it," Bunselmeyer said. "It's no fun but they'll get through it.”“We've dealt with water down here before but it just seems like we have more extremes here in the last 10 years than we used to have or 15.”

Bunselmeyer owns and farms some 3,600 acres in several Southern Illinois towns including Jacob and Carbondale. He said the floods have damaged 200 acres of his corn and soybean crops or an estimate $120,000 loss.

Bunselmeyer said some of his neighbors have been hit harder -- Some area farmers losing hundreds even thousands of acres of crop to flooding this year.

It costs $600 to $700 to farm one acre of land, Bunselmeyer said. He includes property maintenance, machinery, seed, and other farming costs in that number.

“Now if you start losing say a fourth of your acres to water, there's going to be n profit you know you're going to lose money," Bunselmeyer said.

While Bunselmeyer doesn't believe consumers will see an increase at the grocery store -- he said Heartland farmers will be lucky to break-even if they're property has been hit by the flood.

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