8 feet of water devastate homes in Scott County; River to rise

8 feet of water devastate homes in Scott County; River to rise

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Three homes on Scott County Road 308 sit along side the Mississippi River and are under 8 feet of water.

While one resident is sticking it out and living there, the other two are have been evacuated due to the high river levels.

Heartland News took a boat ride to the old town of Graysboro in Scott County.

Due to past flooding, the town went from a population of several hundred back in the 1800's to now these three homes, according to residents that live there.

Now the river threatens its remaining people.

One of the residents, Bob Keesee, says over the years, the river seems to keep on flooding this area.

A lot more in recent years.

A tour inside the home showed some of it was pretty dry still - but that won't last.

"The renters left this furniture in here and left before the flood waters hit. This floor did have water in it a couple days ago," says Keesee. "We won't salvage this furniture here.".

Keesee opens the front door to see water up to the door step.

There is no access by foot in every direction. then, Keesee shows us the back porch.

"That concrete square area. That's the basement steps. You can't see them anymore," says Keesee. "There is eight feet of water in the basement."

Keesee then shows us the home that his son lives in. Bob opens the back door to find four inches of standing water inside the first floor.

Underneath it is the basement, completely full of water.

Drywall, carpet, cabinets, and more all ruined by the muddy flood waters.

"We will be able to salvage the home but we have to do a lot of work. Rip out the soaked drywall, replace outlets, and other things. We do it every time the river gets this high," says Keesee.

As residents wait for the water to go down, they will have to endure even more flooding as the river is expected to rise another two feet in the upcoming days.

"There will be a foot of water in this upper floor. And the guys living in that home over there right now, will have to get out because water will be in their first floor," added Keesee.

Keesee hopes there will be some buyout relief in the future with these homes.

Until then, he is not ready to vacate his old hometown of Graysboro, and says he will continue to flood fight in years ahead.

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