Church dealing with flood waters still has services

Church dealing with flood waters still has services

THEBES, IL (KFVS) - The swollen Mississippi River isn't stopping one church from having services on Sunday.

The Apostolic Lighthouse Church in Thebes, IL has experienced flooding for nearly a week now.

Water from the Mississippi River seeps into the basement of the church causing it to flood.

However, the flooding didn't stop over 20 people to attend church services this morning.

Bible class, which is usually taught in the basement classrooms, was taught on the front steps outside the church.

Pastor Jim Monahan has worked diligently to keep the flooding downstairs at bay says it is hard but he isn't giving up.

"For five days now I have kept trying to clean up and pump out that water," Monahan says. "I thought I had it cleaned up last night just to
wake up this morning and found that the river rose a little again and more water was in the basement."

Monahan says this church is no stranger to being flooded.

He has made modifications in the basement which includes installing steel doors and raising the air conditioning unit four feet off the ground due to the flood waters in years past.

"We are planning on building a classroom upstairs or outside above where the water usually comes up to for Bible Class too," says Monahan.

Organizers and members at the church say they feel blessed to still have services here - no matter what Mother Nature throws their way.

Meanwhile, the river is expected to rise another couple feet in the next few days.

"If the river goes up another couple feet, the water will be a couple feet deep in the basement and there will be nothing I can do at that point, says Monahan. "Pumping water out won't make a difference."

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