Arrow, knife wielding man arrested in Graves Co.

Arrow, knife wielding man arrested in Graves Co.

GRAVES COUNTY, KY (KFVS) - A man was arrested in Graves County, Kentucky after deputies say he threatened someone with an arrow and a hunting knife.

According to Grave County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon, a woman identified as 26-year-old Alicia Morrison was yelling for someone to stop and help on the KY-121 bypass in Mayfield just after 8 p.m. on Friday.

Twenty-year-old Harley Richeal and 20-year-old Craig Madden were both passengers in the vehicle.

Morrison told investigators Richeal became upset over a phone call Morrison had with another man.

When Morrison tried to get out of the vehicle, Richeal allegedly pulled out an arrow and told her not to get out.

Sheriff Redmon said Richeal proceeded to pull out a knife and threatened Madden to drive.

Madden stopped at a red light on US-45N at the 121 bypass where Morrison jumped out to get help.

Graves County Sheriff's Deputy Richard Edwards saw the van and stopped them.

Madden jumped out and ran towards Deputy Edwards yelling that Richeal was going to kill him.

Sheriff Redmon said Richeal was arrested after a search found a plastic bag of pills, as well as a bag of marijuana inside the vehicle.

The knife was also retrieved, as well as the arrow and bow allegedly used in the incident.

Richeal was taken to the Graves County Jail.

Richeal was charged with two counts of first degree wanton endangerment, two counts of first degree unlawful imprisonment and several drug charges.

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