Same-sex MO couple reacts to Supreme Court's ruling

Heartland couple on what Supreme Court ruling means to them

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - Friday's Supreme Court decision means many changes for Missouri couples.

Before today, only two counties in the state recognized same-sex marriages.

A couple from Jackson, Missouri said they've been together for four years and while their marriage is recognized in St. Louis County, they said that was never enough.

Dusti Miller said she heard the news when she woke up Friday morning and she immediately called her wife Tami at work; and her first words to her were, "we won."

They said the challenges they faced put a lot of stress on them as a family.

From not being each other's legal beneficiaries to not being able to get a family membership at the gym, they say all that changed starting on Friday.

The two are expecting a son in October and before Friday, Tami's name wouldn't be allowed on his birth certificate.

“It's a big deal. It is a really big deal. It is a lot of financial stress relieved. We don't have to go through a court and fight and beg for a second parent adoption and I have the same rights as my neighbors. A husband and a wife who, if they have a child they have their kid and they go to the hospital no questions asked,” said Dusti Miller.

The decision goes far beyond their son's birth certificate.

With the Supreme Court ruling, spouses in same-sex couples will be eligible for social security benefits, and they will be covered under the survivor benefits rule.

Both are mostly excited about their son being born during a time when all marriages are considered equal.

The two plan to say their vows in their church in Cape Girardeau following their son's birth where he will also be baptized.


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