2 Scott Co. women get pink flamingo signed by country artists for charity

Pink flamingo raising money for Scott Co., MO K-9

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - This is not your average fundraiser.

Two Scott County women are turning their hobby into a help to their community, but it wouldn't be possible without their friend, an inflatable pink flamingo named Floyd.

Ladonna Williams and Ginger Ditto are taking Floyd to concerts all summer, where he gets signed by some of the hottest names in country music. Now, what started out as a joke has turned into a whole lot more.

The famous flamingo has been flying around the country music scene, sporting new tattoos every weekend.

"Chris Janson, Kip Moore, Bryan Davis," Ditto and Williams name just a few autographs.

With signatures like these, the bids for this bird are bound to be high.

"He actually has a $500 bid placed on him right now," Williams said.

Ditto and Williams say he already has 50 signatures and that's only be beginning.

"He's got some pretty famous people right now and we've only been doing this less than a month," Williams said. "We made our whole summer as nothing but going to concerts every weekend."

They say it all started with a joke between them and country music singer Josh Thompson.

"We had on pink camo lounge pants and we came around the corner and he said 'What do you all have on?' And we are like 'We are going flamingo hunting.' And he goes 'You can hunt those things?' and I said 'If you have a shotgun and some pink Federal shotgun shells you can," Williams said.

It's wasn't until later, though, they had the idea to adopt Floyd.

"I said 'Ladonna! There's a flamingo, we have to get him.' And she's like 'We are buying him, come on! I don't care how much it is, we are getting it.' It was a dollar, yeah, a whole dollar," Ditto said.

That dollar is likely to multiply and help meet a need for the community, buying a police dog for Scott County.

"He's went viral, we never thought it would get to be this big," Williams said.

"It's definitely something we need. We have been without a K-9 for a couple of years," Deputy Carl Rose said.

Rose is also the president of the Scott County Sheriff's Foundation Board, a non-profit organization that raises money for Scott County law enforcement agencies. Rose says it's great to see community support like this.

"Especially in today's times, there are so many times where people aren't supportive of their law enforcement and it just makes me proud to be doing what I'm doing when I see that they actually are," Rose said.

So, once Floyd is completely inked up, he'll hit the auction block and give up fame and tour-life for the greater good.

"His new motto is 'I'm a critter for a critter,'" Williams said.

The cost of the K-9 along with training for both the dog and officer, plus equipment is about $44,000.

Williams and Ditto go to concerts for fun and, of course, on their own dime. They never ask for anything special because this has turned into a charity project.

Floyd also has his own Twitter page. You can follow him HERE.

If you'd like to donate to the Sheriff's Foundation, you can call the sheriff's office or mail donation to: 

Scott County Sheriff's Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 196
Benton, MO 63736

You can also give through this GoFundMe page.

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