Ordained minister offers services to gay couples

Reaction to Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - While many ministers in the area are denying their services, some are offering them up with open arms.

Seth Walter, a Scott County, Mo. resident, said that he is willing to provide any ministerial services needed for gay couples who are refused.

'If they ask me, I am psyched," Walter said. "I know a few who are probably going to be looking to get married soon, and I would be honored to, if they would let me do so."

Walter went to Jackson, Mo. and sat outside the county court house with a sign that read, "Marriage Equality: Friday June 26, 2015," with two symbols recognized as flags representative of the gay community.

"I figured if there is somebody who needed an ordained minister, they've waited long enough and I wanted to be here," Walter said.

Walter said he has been ordained since 2013 and decided to get his certification online partially because of same sex marriage. 

However, according to Cape Girardeau, Mo. recorder of deeds Andrew Blattner, the court and couples have to wait 25 days after the ruling for it to be put into effect.

He said the office will be waiting on the final outcome before any policies are changed.

His full statements includes:

“The office of the recorder has always attempted to comply to the best of its ability with the laws governing marriage license applications in the State of Missouri. While we recognize that same-sex marriage has been a divisive issue, we respect the judicial process and today's decision from the U.S. Supreme Court. Rulings of the Supreme Court take effect 25 days after the date of the ruling unless the court states otherwise, which is not the case in this decision. In accordance with the ruling, our office will be waiting until the final outcome before making any policy changes.”

Marriage equality is just one of the things to be concerned about according to Walter. He said there are more issues to be concerned with as well.

"It's great that they can now get married, but there's still discrimination all around the country," Walter said. "There is still major sexual orientation discrimination in private practices and companies. So while this is a major step in the right direction, it's not the last one."

Walter offers his services to anyone who needs them and says he can be contacted by his email sethwalter42@gmail.com. He asked that couples give him a few days to respond.

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