Adventure weddings: latest trend in tying the knot

Adventure weddings: latest trend in tying the knot

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - When spring turns to summer and we enter wedding season, you might want to hold off on a new dress or tux.

Many modern weddings are now throwing in a twist that might have you lacing up your sneakers instead of donning heels.

Fitness buffs are hosting athletic competitions and even extreme sports as part of the nuptials.

As Brian and Marzi Daoust reminisce about their beautiful Caribbean wedding, their pictures showcase more than just the gorgeous views and smiling couple.

They chronicle the workouts that kept the bridal party and guests running around for a couple days leading up to the ceremony at the resort.

"When we saw it and all the facilities that it hosted, basketball court, rock climbing, a big tennis court, it just clicked for us. We're sports people. We like to work out," said bride Marzi Daoust.

And so do plenty of other couples getting hitched, leading many of them to invite their guests to work up a sweat as part of the wedding festivities.

"They know I'm into this fitness thing, with the healthy lifestyle, and all of my friends kind of lead the same lifestyle as us. So they all participated. And I thank them for it," said Marzi.

That participation can send wedding guests bouncing from casual beach games like volleyball and football to classes like spinning and yoga.

Some extreme couples are taking the adventure wedding trend to another level by tying the knot underwater or in free fall.

"I would say the trend is growing, and it's because people are out experiencing life a lot deeper," said destination vows wedding specialist Laura Lukasik. "People don't want a regular wedding anymore. They want something that's memorable, not only by the bride and groom, but also by the family and friends."

But some of those guests are breathing a sigh of relief when savvy lovebirds take the pressure off by making activities optional.

"Grandma and grandpa, they're not going to be at the bungee jumping experience, the sky diving experience, but they could be on the ground having a nice breakfast as they're jumping in the field," said Lukasik.

Jamie Miles of the

says the sharing of wedding photos on social media has motivated brides and grooms to muscle out others' expectations and pump up their wedding with elements of their own personality.

"I think the rise in popularity of the personalization of weddings is really the result of being surrounded by inspiration," said Miles. "And incorporating these different activities such as hiking the day of the wedding, or running to the summit of a mountain, exchanging vows, and running back down, might be something that you want to do because you haven't see it before."

The next frontier for adventure weddings is truly out of this world. Travel agent Laura Lukasik says space travel is coming to the destination wedding market, and she's already certified to book it.

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