Cape Girardeau, MO public schools change dress code

Cape Girardeau public schools change dress code

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cape Girardeau school board administration passed a vote to change its school uniform policy.

The policy was passed on a 5-1 vote after parents and faculty showed concerns of students dress code, according to Jim Welker, superintendent of Cape Girardeau Public Schools.

The new policy focused on shirts, tops and the color combination that students could wear to school. Students were only allowed to wear solid color tops and logos of the school. In the new policy, students are allowed to wear stripe shirts and shirts with logos and designs.

Welker said different concerns including cost to the family was discussed when making this decision.

"We listened to parents concerns as we implemented the dress code," Welker said. "We certainly took into account the cost to families, but earlier this month we met with principals. They recommended some changes to make it easier for parents and for implementing it at the schools."

Welker also said he isn't concerned about possible bullying from students about dress code.

"You may always have issues with students and what they say about how others dress," Welker said. "But we try to minimize that and we try to teach students to look nice and treat other students the way they like to be treated. We hope that certainly won't be an issue."

Some parents say that this will cause some issues within the school. They believe that the school district should stick to one dress code or make the dress code more strict.

According to administration, the dress code goes into effect once school starts in the fall.

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