Dog food given out at event; man finds hearing

Dog food given out at event; man finds hearing

CHARLESTON, MO (KFVS) - The Shining Light Outreach Center in Charleston Saturday gave out bags of food to over 250 people.

In addition to that, the SEMO Food Bank gave out bags dog food for the first time to help out the canines that go without food. 

The program has been going on in Charleston for decades now and organizers say they see the need grow more as years go by. 

Although dog food is new this event, they provide food and other items donated to them such as medicine and other miscellaneous items. 

"As people still struggle with providing food on their table, it's important to remember their family pets that also struggle," says Missy Rice, SEMO Food Bank Chief Communications Officer. 

Each family that had a pet was able to grab a toy or item associated with their pet. 

They also were given a bag of dog food donated by Busch Products out of Cape Girardeau. 

Several people we spoke with say it's hard finding jobs and buying food to live. 

Mississippi County resident Tasha McMillen tells us that she bring food home for her mom. 

She says her mom also has a dog, and it's hard to see her sitting there struggling.

"We get animals to help us along our way and our animals need love too and they need to eat," says McMillen.

While Heartland News was at the distribution event, one Charleston man found a hearing aid that was donated with other miscellaneous items. 

He says he lost his hearing at the age of 15 while in high school. 

He is 86 now and has been struggling to get a hearing aids ever since. 

He says this is a great day and can't wait to try out his new hearing aid so he can finally going to be able to hear everyone

"I couldn't hear sounds! I couldn't hear in school at all," says the resident. "Well I go to church, I can't hear everything. And people get real loud behind me and I can't hear.  It means so much."

Organizers of the event say the need in this community is great. 

Last year they gave out $652,000 pounds of produce. 

They have the event every month and continue to see hundreds come out to get food and glad they are able to now help out pets as well. 

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