Brookport, IL leaders, residents monitor flooding

Brookport, IL residents prepare for flooding

BROOKPORT, IL (KFVS) - The city of Brookport, Illinois is getting ready for the possibility of rising water levels on the Ohio River.

Mayor John Klaffer said the Dixon Springs Boot Camp filled more than 1,000 sandbags this week.

They started putting those sandbags on the floodgate just south of town. The mayor said that floodgate has had a leak for quite some time. Because of the leak, the city also called in two extra mobile pumps to keep water levels under control.

The sandbags on the gate are containing the leak.

There are also extra sandbags in various places around town, just in case.

"I'm glad that they're on top of it and they're ahead of the situation before it does get out of hand; and that's good for everybody here," Will Thornton, Brookport resident, said. "Everybody move forward and we'll get through this. If a situation occurs, we should help each other out, and just be there for one another."

The river stage at Brookport as of Friday afternoon was 26.5 feet.

It is expected to reach its highest point of 36 feet by Thursday, June 25.

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