Devil's Backbone park heavily flooded

Devil's Backbone park heavily flooded

GRAND TOWER, IL (KFVS) - Flooding is making it difficult part of the Devil's Playground camp in Grand Tower, Ill, to stay above ground.

Signs,grills and some trees could could hardly be seen due to the high levels of water.

One camper who is actually kayaking from Iowa to New Orleans, and came to the park Thursday, said it was pretty difficult trying to find a place to set up camp.

“I'm not really even sure where the river's edge is at at this point,  I mean that tree is buried pretty deep out there," camper James Black said. "It made trying to find a spot up here hard. That's why I'm way down here instead of down there somewhere.”

Black says within the past 24 hours, he's seen the water levels increase quite a bit.

“One of these grills right here was out in between those trees when I got here. I mean you could see the top of it yesterday, and now obviously it's gone," Black said. "So I would say the water's come up at least a foot, I'd say two.”

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