Scott County family advised to evacuate ahead of storms

Scott County family advised to evacuate ahead of storms

SCOTT COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Some families in the Heartland are being advised to evacuate ahead of floods.

A family that lives in the county just south of Scott City says they were told by authorities they have 18 hours to evacuate.

Abby and Keith Neal says they had no choice but to gather up all of their things and head for higher ground.

"We had 18 hours," Abby Neal said. "We threw it all in boxes and got as many people as we could. Luckily we had enough friends to help out and people to cover my shift at work."

Abby, a manager of Burger King in Scott City, says she is thankful for all the help that her crew members has been. She says she called a couple of them and they brought their friends out to help.

"If it wasn't for the help of these kids, we probably wouldn't have made it," Abby Neal said.

Keith Neal says that he is thankful for all the help and is keeping a positive attitude about the situation because life is more important.

"We told the county and state patrol that if you need to, beat on the door and tell us get out," Keith Neal said. "Something gets lost or we lose something, you can buy other objects, but you can't buy a life."

The family have plans to move to New Madrid, Mo. and stay with family for the time being.

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