Missouri campgrounds feeling effects from flooding

Marquand flooding concerns

GLENALLEN, MO (KFVS) - Campgrounds in the Heartland are notifying residents to retrieve their RVs as rivers continues to rise.

Castor River Ranch is one of the campgrounds affected by the floods in the area.

Although the campsite sits 8 feet higher than the campsite across the road from it, residents are still concerned about flooding causing them to evacuate.

Jon Huenink, owner of Caster River Ranch Campground, said even though his residents are worried, he has never seen his campsite flooded.

"We're probably among the highest on the river," Huenink said. "So we've never had it flood, gotten close, but it's never been up to the campers."

Huenink also said that the level the flood is at now is actually what he considers minor.

"Last night, we got a rather minor rain and I consider the level this flood is at now is rather minor," Huenink said.

Residents in the area came out to help the campers and offer advice to them as well.

Jurjen Braswell, an area resident, said he has seen the river a lot higher than it is now and if the weather gets worst people are going to have to go to the highway.

"The reason I came down here this morning is because I thought the river would be bigger than what it is," Braswell said. "But when they're calling for five to ten more inches, as much water is going down the river now, it could get in these campsites."

Huenink said that his campground has seen a decline in visitors compared to other spring seasons.

"It has had a negative impact on business and when it's raining and when there's potential for flooding, people aren't up for camping," Huenink said.

Through all the mishap, Huenink is keeping a positive mind and said these conditions come with living by the river.

"This is just something we have to put up with every once in a while," Huenink said. "It just goes with the territory."

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