2 women walk hundreds of miles to raise awareness for breast cancer

2 women walk hundreds of miles to raise awareness for breast cancer

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Two women have walked for a couple weeks now to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Angie Monnig and her friend, Maggie Lockwood, left Marceline, Missouri 19 days ago and are heading to Nashville, Tennessee.

We caught up with them in Jackson, Mo. on Tuesday as they were walking to Cape Girardeau.

For Monnig, she knows all too well about breast cancer.

"You don't really realize how it affects somebody until you have it yourself. You know you think when you have cancer, you think it's over and it made me see life differently," said Monnig.

Having it herself and members of her family as well, she decided she wanted to make a statement. So both women laced up their shoes, and off they went.

Monnig said it's hard facing challenges of having breast cancer. She takes it all in stride and keeps moving on though.

She picked Nashville because she wants to pick up her career in the singing world. Being a songwriter is her passion and she hopes she gets that chance upon arriving in Nashville.

As for her friend Lockwood, she supports Monnig fully and has had breast cancer in her family as well.

They plan on arriving in Nashville by June 27.

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