Cairo mayor lucky to be alive after wreck

Cairo mayor lucky to be alive after wreck

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Cairo Mayor Tyrone Coleman says he is lucky to be alive after a wreck sent him to the hospital earlier this month.

Coleman said he was driving on Sycamore Street going to put some air in his tires. He turned and that's when he collided with another car. That collision sent him to the hospital with serious injuries.

Coleman can't remember the wreck and the rest of that day. He just remembers waking up at Southeast Health.

Medically speaking, Coleman said he shouldn't even be alive. He tells KFVS he has some brain leakage and spine injuries.

As of right now, Coleman is out of the hospital and walking around at home. He is wearing a neck brace but is grateful the injuries aren't worse than what they were.

Plenty of cards, balloons and visits make Coleman feel he has a lot of support and feels very loved.

Coleman is having some more tests on Tuesday and has surgery on Wednesday.

He said he doesn't know at this time when he will be back in office but is eager to get back to work.

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