Keep your eyes on the sky, grab the umbrella

Keep your eyes on the sky, grab the umbrella

Good morning! It is Tuesday, June 16, 2015.

Brian Alworth is tracking your First Alert Pool Forecast. Rain and maybe even lightening is expected in parts of the Heartland today. If the pool isn't in your future, though, expect another muggy day, with plenty of frizz to make getting ready for work a challenge. Click here for your full First Alert Forecast. 

A look at your morning headlines:

Pinckneyville Square Fire: A building that sits right next to the Perry County Sheriff's Office caught fire overnight. We've been there since shortly after it started to get the latest information for you.

Texas Braces for Tropical Storm Bill: Schools are canceled, and people are bracing for more rain and possible flooding as the tropical storm churns up the gulf coast. Brian Alworth says the weather could impact the Heartland later this week.

Chicago wins the Stanley Cup: They beat Tampa in game 6 of the series, and the fans went wild on the streets of Chi-town.

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