City council to discuss possible smoke-free ordinance

Farmington, MO city council to consider smoke-free ordinance

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - Farmington, Missouri's city council is planning to discuss a smoke-free ordinance to be added to November ballot.

The city recently held a meeting that brought out many in the community who feel strongly about the ordinance.

Tim Wiles, owner of Cuzzins Bar & Grill, said that he isn't happy about the ordinance and believes that it should be up to business owners if they choose to allow smoking.

"As a business owner we should have a right to allow it or not allow it," Wiles said. "If someone doesn't want to come in because we allow smoking, then they don't have to come in."

Wiles also said that majority of the county is already smoke-free, so he doesn't see the purpose of the ordinance besides being a possible personal attack to the bar industry.

"As a town, we're already 97 percent smoke-free in our businesses. We've tried to count them up and we could only come up with eight places that still allows smoking," Wiles said. "In my opinion there's no issue to it others than it's a personal attack on the bar industry."

Wiles went on to say that he believes smokers should be able to smoke in the few places in Farmington that they are still allowed to.

There are also companies in Farmington that are already smoke-free and has been for some time now.

Dexter Bar-B-Que is one of those local establishments that are completely smoke-free. The company has been smoke-free since it was established, according to Johnny Barton, store manager of the restaurant in Farmington.

Barton said that he feel being a smoke-free restaurant has been an advantage to the company.

"A lot of people like our cliental, people with families and small children, like to come here and enjoy a smoke-free environment," Barton said. "Where they don't have to worry about smoking around their family, so we actually see a little boost from that."

Barton went on to say that he feel passing the ordinance could make for a better economy in the community.

"It's often a better choice to be made for public conscientiousness and environmental safety," Barton said. "In some places, a business owner might not choose to be smoke-free. So the ordinance overall, after a bit of growing pain, will help the local economy."

The ordinance is planned to be discussed during the city council July meetings and from there will be determined if it will appear on the November ballot, according to the city clerk.

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