Carbondale NAACP leaders react to Rachel Dolezal

Carbondale NAACP leaders react to Dolezal controversy

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Ed Dorsey, the president for Carbondale's NAACP branch, said when he first heard the news about

, he was hurt.

Dorsey has been the Carbondale's NAACP president for the past three years, but a member of the association for 20 years.

He said the association was not built just on one race, but folks of various different backgrounds coming together to bring equality for all.

He said this incident could bring a negative perception to the NAACP, forgetting what the association has stood for since 1909.

"It's all colors, all nationalities," Dorsey said. "We just care about one thing: justice, equal justice for all, regardless of race and this incident showed that race is still a problem today."

Dorsey said he does want to hear Dolezal's side of the story.

He said a leader must be honest and hopes she had good intentions to help, and not to intentionally deceive people.

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