Education Trends

Education Trends
By:  Wes Wallace

Paducah, KY -- As the job market changes, so do trends in education. That's why colleges and universities must constantly keep tabs on both hot and not-so-hot jobs.

"Right now, a lot of students look for jobs with quick employment and reasonable employment," says Dr. James Selbe, Provost at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, "We offer 13 of the top 15 most popular majors at community colleges across the country. Allied Health, Nursing, and Technology are still very popular majors here"

Long before radiography students at WKCTC learned to look inside the human body, they took an in-depth look at the outlook for there career choice within the job market.

"It's a very in-demand type of job. There's always a need for people who know how to read X-rays, " says Cassie Henderson.

Dr. Selbe points to recent record-setting enrollment patterns at his school, and says there's a reason why students are choosing two year colleges over baccalaureate institutions. Selbe offers price, location, and convenience as factors.

Cassie Henderson agrees, "I live 30 minutes from here, I have two kids, so I can't just go to school whenever or wherever."

It's a similar situation at Murray State University. The Campus Career Center starts working with students as early as their freshman year, to help them find jobs long before they graduate.

"They came to my freshman orientation class, and they do a wonderful job reminding us about finding jobs, " says Kayla Rudolph, a senior finance major at MSU, "They can even be very detailed, like which ones make the most salary, which ones make the least, but they can also who you which is the most secure. Sometimes the job that makes the most money has the least security."

Education and job outlook experts agree that healthcare and technology stay atop the career hierarchy, but the specific *hot* jobs within these fields do change with the demand.